Brand E-Commerce

Starbucks created a mini program that provides membership privileges such as adding points, purchasing, sharing and sending gift cards.


Platform E-Commerce

Ecommerce companies such as JD and Mogujie have created their own mini programs which serve as a new sales channel.


Content e-commerce

WeChat houses a lot of original content that is increasingly linked to e-commerce. Mini Programs open new revenue streams for content creators and allow them to monetize their follower base. The Rebecca WeChat public account created a brand store mini program and added 1 million users in 7 minutes.

微信中包含了许多与电子商务日益有关的原创内容。小程序为这些内容创造者开创了新的挣钱道路,让他们可以从追踪账户的粉丝群中,赚取财富。The Rebecca在微信公众号开设了一个品牌商店的小程序,即在7分钟内累积了100万名用户。