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WeChat Mini App program is sub-application that functions in the WeChat environment. In 2018, the function of a Mini App is quite similar to a native app in terms of  complexity and development since Tencent has provided more API for developers. To find mini apps in your WeChat, you can search it in WeChat app or scan the provided QR code. You can also simply remove them from your WeChat which is very easy as deleting a message if you no longer need the apps. You can access the mini app program anywhere and anytime you want. The mini program has a captive audience in the marketing area, and it works well with every OS supporting WeChat. Some of the biggest companies with Mobile/Native started their WeChat Mini Program as well.

微信小程序是微信旗下的附属功能。由于微信在2018年为程序员提供更多的API,微信小程序的功能及其复杂程度基本和一个正式的app并无太大差别。微信小程序的功能类似于普通的手机应用程序。 如果您想搜索小程序,您必须在微信中搜索并扫描二维码。您可随时随地访问小程序。 当您不再需要该小程序时,您可以如同删除邮件一般,直接从微信中把它们删掉。小程序在营销领域可以俘获受众,因为它们适用于支持微信的每个手机操作系统。 基本上,拥有手机应用程序的大公司皆设有微信小程序。

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The Advantages of WeChat Mini Program

No Download Required

No download required, just click on WeChat or scan a QR code to use. there will be no difference from using an app for user experience and functionalities.

(Android phones can add the WeChat mini program lunching button to their home screen).


Low Development Cost

Low development cost and is compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms.


Ways to Promote

There are many ways to promote WeChat mini program. For instance, Scan QR code entry, share to WeChat friends, groups, mini program search, nearby mini program, and related WeChat official account.


Malaysia Is The First​

Malaysia is the first overseas market for WeChat pay, and the mini program is about to support Malaysian ringgit payment in the mini program.


Suitable for Merchants

It is suitable for merchants who want to enter Chinese market or have Chinese customers.



Convenient to use as there is no need to worry about having apps on the phone. Mini program can access an app in faster way, for those user who desire to complete the tasks quickly and efficiently, it suits you well.

使用方便,因为用户无需下载许多手机应用程序。 小程序能以更快的方式访问应用程序,对于那些希望快速有效地完成任务的用户来说,它非常适合您。

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