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WeChat Service Account offer most companies to build its own application, get any inquiries and broadcast their own promotion message to followers. If your goal to serve users with higher degree of functionality through API integration, the service account should be the one to consider.

The services account provides more powerful business services for companies and organisations as it is more visible and allows companies to broadcast four messages per month. The idea behind a service account is to provide services rather than broadcast messages. It provides users through a customised menu and integrates e-commerce, customer service, games, or other interactive features inside the app. User can receive push notification as the broadcast message is displayed in line with the user’s personal contact. The user can reply to any message within 48 hours. The developments of WeChat Stores and WeChat Pay have offered an opportunity for e-commerce businesses which function as a payment gateway inside the WeChat environment. The account also provides users with extra functionality, which is GPS, in order to point customers to the nearest store. User can generate several QR codes for one account, and the QR codes can be generated based on short URLs for higher readability.




Study Cases


OrderIn is a popular food-ordering service in South Africa. Their WeChat Official Account can detect the user’s location or allow customers to enter their address, then present them with a list of restaurants in the area. Customers can then place orders and make payments, via functions available in WeChat. In the restaurant, a wireless printer, connected to OrderIn’s server, alerts staff members when there is an order pending and prints it out. Staff members can then enter the expected time of collection and deliver the info to the printer, which sends a confirmation to the customer via WeChat. Through WeChat, users also have access to a customer care feature, which allows them to chat live with OrderIn’s customer service team.
Source: OrderIn

OrderIn 是南非一个非常著名的外卖点餐服务。他们的微信公众号可以检测用户的位置或允许客户输入他们的地址,然后向他们提供该地区的餐馆列表。用户还可以透过其公众号内的功能点餐、付款。当用户下单后,在餐厅内连接到OrderIn服务器的无线打印机,将提醒店内人员目前正有订单需要处理,并且打印出来。店员也可输入预计送抵时间,传送到POS系统,并透过微信通知客户。透过微信,用户可以进入允许与OrderIn客服团队进行在线对话的客服功能。
来源: OrderIn


Online food delivery service Foodpanda is partnered with WeChat across Southeast Asia. This cooperative effort will allow WeChat users to browse nearby restaurants, receive exclusive promotional offers, and order food. The partnership is live in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, India, and many more countries. Foodpanda’s WeChat service account gives customers an ordering process very similar with the Foodpanda website or app. After defining their location, users can immediately see a variety of restaurants and cuisine types that can be delivered to their area. Foodpanda also allows users to filter based on cuisine type, proximity, price, and other rating systems. In addition, users can pay very easily with cash upon delivery, or via various integrated online payment options, including WeChat Pay. Users also can download the Foodpanda app directly through their WeChat account.
Source: Foodpanda

来源: Foodpanda

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