Some say email marketing isn’t working nowadays, how often do you read email in a day? For some companies or millennium are the cult of the social media, believe everything only surrounding with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, they even forgotten about the search engine, but the truth is everything must go with omni channel. For those who don’t believe email is still working there are 2 reasons, they are too obsessed with social media, or they totally don’t know how email marketing works.

Email existed since decades ago. It’s a very matured technologies and maybe old fashioned. Since “login” invented, email has become necessary for all the activities in the net, even today, any online/offline forms will require you to fill in the email address.

And possible that 90% of the email users have more than 1 email account.

Some people accusing that email marketing is just waste of time and money, in fact, email marketing is one of the cheapest online marketing to use. Comparing Mailchimp & Facebook Ad, which do you think is cheaper?

People become skeptic because they didn’t see the results, and that’s because they didn’t know email’s spam filter technologies has improved way beyond their “know-how”.

  1. These people or some vendors trying to send emails to unknown list. Most of the email service providers (ESP) are very particular with any email complain. If the recipient don’t recognise you and clicked the spam complaint, the sender’s IP address will be blacklisted immediately and the other sender that using the same shared IP will eventually got blacklisted too. So make sure you only send to the list that you acquired in legitimate ways and the recipients  already acknowledged.
  2. Check your IP and sender domain reputation. There is a very good tool provided by Google. Google Postmaster – allow sender to check its reputation against Gmail.

    Google Postmaster allow the sender to monitor it’s email address’s reputation from time-time and alert the sender if there are any unusual statistic happening. These reputation tools eventually will save your ass from being blocked by the major ESP including Hotmail/Outlook, Yahoo, & Gmail.
  3. Always track your email campaigns. The measurement of open rates and click through ratio (CTR) isn’t sufficient to provide any insight of the performance of your email marketing campaign. If your website has Google Analytics embedded it is easier to track of the email you sent you converted into the goals that you set. Using UTM link code is one of the common options that most marketers will prefer to to check it’s conversion. Read more in “How to use UTM codes to track the success of your email marketing”