Today setting up a website is hell easy as you can’t even imagine compare in 10 years ago. Technology advancement improved double the digit each year, and today, building a website doesn’t involved in any single code. You can have your desire creative website with your own ideas by using drag and drop features. I believe some of you has already know some of the famous web builder tools like Wix or Squarespace.  Both of them are quite compatible in terms of their features, it’s basically provide you a draw pad and you are able to add your elements (text, image and others) in the draw pad as flexible as you like.

Wix Builder

Squarespace Builder

Of course these are the 2 famous in the market you are aware of because of their marketing and advertising. There are more builders in the market which are relative good and cheap where you can use. Even today WordPress has their drag and drop plugin editors to ease the process of designing your website’s content page.

WordPress drag and drop editors

In Bravo Net, we introduced the Bravo Net Web Builder a easy to use web builder for micro businesses entrepreneurs who are not ready for spending thousands to build their website.

After speaking with a numbers of micro business entrepreneurs, nearly all of them would wish to have a website but don’t have a budget and knowledge to build it.  At first i introduced WordPress for them (which is consider easy to build for me, but it’s not fair for the beginner), and then i realised that for people who don’t have any knowledge on hosting, database, etc, it’s very hard for them to build their website with WordPress as well.

And then i introduced them the other builder like Wix & Squarespace, the lies within the pricing. Wix & Squarespace both charge 150 USD (estimate 600 MYR) & 200 AUD (estimate 600 MYR) per year. Don’t  confused by the “FREE website builder” marketing gimmick, with free version, you will need to use your sub domain for example “”, would you prefer this kind of name when you try you build your brand?

As soon i saw the problems, i saw the opportunities. We started to research on new web builder where by provide cheaper price and basic functions that needed by a website. Few months later, we introduce the Bravo Net Web Builder.

We can bring down the price to as low as RM15 per month or RM180 per year and you can basically own  a presentable website without paying premium price. Don’t doubt the capabilities the low range builder, it’s made for people to easy to use, and most importantly it’s equipped with responsive design capabilities & search engine friendly feature in it. Our features list.

At first we have users doubted with our builder, after showing them the demo and allow them to play with it, they basically switch from their provider to Bravo Net Web Builder,

Our demo is in public mode right now. You can try it here. 

The builder has 195 template design you can choose, and we planned to add more in the coming future.

No coding involved, everything is just drag and drop.

If you are looking to build your own website, regardless a personal one or business one, you can do it easily and much cheaper price.

Besides, we’ve a very strong support team to assist you in your web design journey.