It’s essential for you to have the basic knowledge on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to make sure your website will be listed in Google search result. The SEO issues that should be focus in this topic included meta title, meta descriptions and meta keyword.

Before we go any further discussion, these three elements have their own different definition. First, the meta title can be defined as name of webpage. Meanwhile, the meta descriptions is the character snippet used to summarize a web page’s content. The frequency of user visit your website is depends on this meta descriptions that showing up in search engine results. Meta keywords help and tell the search engines what the topic of the page is.

Research has been conducted and found that, 30% of sites have duplicate meta descriptions and 25% of sites have no meta descriptions at all. There are several mistakes that will wreck your meta descriptions data such as

  1. The summary of content is not meaningful and helpful
  2. The summary of content is too passive and lacks of compelling verbs
  3. Irrelevant keyword used in meta descriptions
  4. The content of article is lame and not clear.

How to avoid the mistakes? Follow these tips to create a good meta descriptions.

  1. The content should be actionable via including a call-to-action such as Learn More, Get it Now, Try it Now
  2. The article and meta descriptions should be matching in order to avoid the bounce rate from keep increasing
  3. Your meta description should contain the focus keywords so it can be highlighted in search results
  4. Avoid the duplication and create the unique one

How can you do it with our web builder ? Let’s take a glance on how to create your meta title, meta descriptions and meta keywords using the Bravo Net Web Builder.



Here, you can simply create the meta title, meta descriptions and meta keywords using the feature called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).