The IT industry is one of the fastest growing industries among the rest of the industries in many aspects of course significantly the innovation. IT is a broader term of technology, it consists of many areas, regardless, the majority of the technology innovation covers several areas such as automation, efficiency, cost effectiveness, security, safety, etc. Corporates heavily invest into low codes or no codes to increase the productivity of building their applications which we can see the needs of programmers or i may say the barriers of entry to become a programmer is getting lower and lower. This has been predicted years ago, and there are even A.I. tools to create web codes based on images but this is still in R&D stage, it’s not ready for market ( but hey, it can be in production anytime soon. 


Nonetheless, in 2021, several tech giants worked together to introduce Copilot, a real game changer tools for programmers in speeding up the entire coding process Copilot studies billions of lines of code in their A.I. and is able to turn natural language into codes. Imagine writing programming code, all you need to do is to write a simple english command, and the code generates itself. 


This is no shit. Even junior programmers are able to code with complex functions without looking into 


What are the impacts? 


The fact that the entire Copilot or other alternatives (Tabnine, Kite, AWS Whisper etc) makes a huge improvement in the entire IT industry, it has sped up the development duration and reduced the cost of manpower. The dark side, Copilot has been accused of stealing the codes from the code contributors to one of the world largest code repositories, Github. The suggested codes from Copilot doesn’t generate by coding itself but it’s “copy” from any possible codes that is available in the repository which is why many programmers protested and decided to quit Github.


Some programmers don’t like the entire idea of how Copilot became so “AI” but not respecting the privacy and stealing people’s hard work include into their products. But we can’t deny the fact that the low code or less code technologies is one big leap for the entire coding community.